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Yavana Rani tamil :, romanized: yavaa i, lit.
The rani story takes place during the rani period.
The army includes both Yavana(Greeks)s and sandilyan yavana Tamils.Meanwhile, the Yavana chief of the fort hears of the queen's presence in Poompuhar.The king forces Ilanchezhiyan to become a disciple of the head priest.Ilanchezhiyan learns from Brahmananda of the murder of Ilanchetchenni, the emperor of the Chola kingdom, by his enemies. It is a love story set around sandilyan 2000 years yavana ago, rani focusing on the.
The story starts in Poompuhar, a port city.

Response from: Geetha Gopakumar, Council Member on m Source: This information samanya comes from my own knowledge.The pirates are taken as prisoners by Iliasu, referred to in the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea as Eleazus, the King manual of Ghana.Tiberius builds a fortress impregnable to anyone from sea or book land.Ilanchezhiyan is solitario the commander in chief of the eastern regiment fighting of Cholas.The pirate captain is persuaded by Illanchezhiyan to invade Ghana (present day Yemen or Oman).The tunnel leads solitario them into a temple.The queen falls in love with Ilanchezhiyan, however, and helps fighting him escape from Tiberius.The army destroys tanks, manual ponds, farmlands and buildings under the orders of Illanchezhiyan.The army includes both, yavanas (Greeks) and, tamils.The pirate captain is persuaded by Illanchezhiyan to invade Ghana (present day Yemen or Oman ).#Delete by Sandi Lynn Audiobook Online.Did the two of you have a scheduled date and he cancelled thirty minutes before it was about to happen?Best #Delete by Sandi Lynn Zip.!best #Delete by Sandi Lynn Mobi Online. Brahmananda, a monk and politician, helps them escape through a secret tunnel.
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Illanchezhiyan is in the dense forest of Guna Nadu, when he sees a huge army disguised as farmers.