Does differential backups : automatically detects and backs up new files.
Restore your system with an on-disk software recovery environment thanks to ghost LightsOut Restore - no bootable CD required!
While Norton Ghost.0 uses a symantec powerful disk-cloning technology, it can also be used to simply back up your data as Norton Save Restore.0 used.
You can back up your data to your network-attached storage devices (NAS for instance a shared drive on your home network.Norton Ghost.0 also has advanced features not found ghost in Norton Save Restore.0, like the symantec ability to convert a hard drive's contents to a virtual disk format such as a VMware vmdk file norton or to allow an image file to be mounted.Of course Norton Ghost.0 offers several improvements over the previous symantec releases as well as Norton Save Restore.0: You can now copy recovery points to an FTP location in case you need to restore your data while being offsite.This is because the ability to backup specific files or folders was added in this latest release over the previous one (12.0 making it more consumer-friendly.Deed norton ghost.0? Integration with Google Desktop : you can now use this free, highly-efficient indexing tool to quickly search ghost the data you have already backed.
Backups are encrypted to keep your data secure in case it falls into the wrong hands, and compressed to save disk space.

ThreatCon is Symantecs global Internet security alerting system, so now your data can be backed automatically when the potential for your computer to be damaged by malware is high, for instance.It is very similar to Norton Save Restore.0 (which is not available anymore) but norton has some additional advanced features.What IS norton ghost.0?Has the ability to do granular backups for the files, file biology types or ghost folders you specify.Norton Ghost.0 (General Hardware-Oriented System Transfer) is a powerful disk-cloning utility.If you need to create disk images, for instance to install the same set of data and applications on different computers, then Norton Ghost.0 is the product you are looking for.Here are the main features offered by Norton Ghost.0: Does full system backups (disk images you can work with specific partitions or entire hard drives.Whether you need to replicate hard drive three data and applications or perform simple day-to-day backups, Norton Ghost.0 has the versatility you require.Backups can be made to almost any media, includingCDR/RW and DVD-R/RW drives, USB, FireWire (ieee 1394) ghost devices, Iomega Zip and Jaz drives.Remote management is supported: you can control other Norton Ghost installations (12.0 windows or higher) on your local area network.Handles event-based backups : specific events will trigger a backup, such norton as the installation of a new program or sudden increases in data storage. Recovers your system even when you cannot deadly restart the operating system.
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Norton Ghost.0, on the other hand, can create full disk images to replicate the contents of a hard drive on another, for instance.

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Does incremental backups : detects and backs up files that have changed since the last backup operation.
Backups can now be triggered when symantec norton ghost 15.0 Symantecs ThreatCon reaches a particular level.