preventive maintenance program for motors

However, program each vehicle manufacturer classifies its maintenance requirements according preventive to preventive the types of conditions under which the vehicle is operated.
As long as a customer adheres to a carmaker's maintenance schedule, the vehicle warranty will remain in force.Differences in readings obtained from year to year indicate preventive bearing wear.According to a white paper on bearing failure published by Applied Industrial Technologies, improper lubrication accounts for maintenance 40 to 50 percent of bearing failures; improper bearing installation for 25 to 30 percent; and motors other causes account for 20 percent of bearing failures.Back to Top Predictive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance Programs (PMPs) are gaining acceptance as method for maintaining motor reliability.This will indicate trends in the condition of contacts.According to the DOE, "A well-executed program can almost eliminate catastrophic equipment failure because issues are identified and eliminated prior to any significant system deterioration." Such programs save time and energy in other ways, too.Observant personnel will make full use of their senses to diagnose and locate problems in electrical machinery : the sense of smell directs attention to burning insulation; the sense of touch detects excessive heating in windings or bearings; the sense of hearing detects excessive speed.Check oil rings and watch for excessive end play.The intervals for the items that do remain, such as oil and filter changes, have been extended to unprecedented mileage and time limits.Use the lubricants approved by the manufacturers and follow the manufacturer's specifications for the correct application of the lubricant.Keep motor clean and cool.Bruce Benkhart, Director, Advanced Proactive Technologies, Springfield, Massachusetts.However, you should also check into the possibility of using modern lubricants that have excellent life and lubricating qualities. Special equipment such as an OL relay tester can be used.
On average, water accumulates in a brake system at a rate of 1 per year.
A thorough understanding of electrical principles and the efficient use of test equipment is important preventive to the electrician in this phase of troubleshooting.

A well-planned preventive maintenance program is the key to dependable, long-life save operation of motors motors and generators.A well-rounded program includes as many technologies as practical; each indo technology contributes a episode significant factor to the diagnostic analysis.Therefore, if a customer hitman insists on silicone fluid in his or her vehicle, all the polyglycol fluid must be completely flushed out first.Ultrasound analysis is similar to thermography, maintenance but uses sound waves to image internal systems, enabling the detection of coldreader system wear, leaks or failures.They will be called on to authorize planned downtime of equipment, to implement the maintenance programs.Getting your customers' vehicles on a schedule of preventive maintenance keeps your shop from going through unpredictable upswings and downturns in workflow and gross profits.The PEV program includes an on-site audit on the use of best practices to bring the service center into conformance.See that oil rings turn with shaft.Check contacts for pitting and signs of overheating, such as discoloration of metal, charred insulation, or odor. However, the best new technologies and the best practices in rewinding can only restore a motor toradora to its original specifications.
And when your customers realize that spending money on preventive maintenance will actually save them money in the long run, an important bond to your shop will be formed.

Finding good motor service centers requires diligence.
One such motor analysis tool is the power quality analyzer (PGA).
Once you establish your motor management plan and complete your motor inventory preventive maintenance program for motors then the findings of predictive maintenance can be added to the motor inventory database.