In migration terms of software, you'll need to be running at least.
The Migration Assistant does not transfer the operating system of the old computer to the new one.
Migration Assistant moves only select files.Try to migrate assistant everything except Applications, and then manually assistant reinstall those you want assistant on the new Mac.The transfer process will begin; an estimate of the remaining time will be displayed.In the first case, you're likely copying files from an older Mac that's connected to your home or office network.Here, you are allowed to exclude files or folders if necessary.Enough free assistant migration space on the new Mac to hold all migration of the user account data you plan to copy over.In this guide we'll show you how to migrate data from another Mac, by connecting the two via a network cable.Unfortunately, not all users can complete the transfer job successfully. Some applications keep migration a license file in some offbeat location that the Migration Assistant doesn't copy over to the new Mac.
Run a hardware diagnostics to check if there is a hardware issue on your Mac computer.

Lifewire, using the organize Migration Assistant app that comes with OS X is relatively painless; the version included with Oosemite contains a few improvements over previous versions to make the process even easier.Choose to keep both user accounts and rename the account you're copying to a new name and user account name.All of your documents, music, movies, and pictures are stored in your user account.The migration from one install to another works great, however, office I have used it quite a bit, even to migrate from one machine to another by moving the hardddrive over.Let's Get Started Make sure both the old and new Macs are on black and connected to your local home network.It can also transfer applications, user data, multiplayer other files and folders, karma and computer and network settings.Once the transfer has completed, migrated users will have their own Home folders on the target Mac.Migration Assistant will display a numeric code.If the codes match, click the Continue button on the old Mac. Lifewire is part of the Dotdash publishing family).
You'll need office to prevent the computer from going to sleep during a potentially lengthy migration: from the Apple menu, choose System Preferences Energy Saver and slide the Computer sleep fader multiplayer to the Never position.

The Transfer List Applications: All applications installed in the Applications folder on your old Mac can be transferred over to your new Mac.
04 of 04 The Migration Assistant and Moving Applications Lifewire With the last steps out of the way (see previous pages the migration of data from your old Mac to your new Mac is migration assistant mac os 10.4 now complete.