interchange third edition teacher book 3 pdf

Sk: Do people use the interchange Internet to make new friends in your country?
Ss take turns telling the group three interesting things they learned about their partner and interchange answering any questions.
What did edition he third teach?
Elicit examples of activities that Ss regularly did in the past but don interchange t do anymore (e.g., be afraid of the dark, talk in class, play with dolls).What do you think they find difficult?Focus Ss attention on the Grammar Focus box.Ss act out statements from interchange the Perspectives section or edition make up their own.Sk Ss to complete them:.B: He taught English.If Ss feel a question is too personal, tell them edition to make up an answer or say I m sorry, but I d rather not answer that.Point out the useful expressions box.Start like this: S1: Many years ago, I played chess.Instead, encourage them to circle or highlight any words they can t guess from the context of the article.For additional practice, switch roles.End of Cycle 2 Do your students need more practice?Whatsapp untuk java midp.0.Option: Play the audio program again. Write the topics on the board.

Remind them to add two more words to each category.First published 2005 Interchange steam Third Edition Teacher s Edition 2 edition has been developed from New Interchange Teacher s Edition 2, first published by Cambridge University Press in Printed in Hong Kong, China Typeface New Century Schoolbook System QuarkXPress isbn Student s Book 2 isbn Student.S2: Many years ago, S1 played chess and I had a cat.Sk: What drdriving happened first/second/etc?Ss listen and raise their hand every steam time they hear a statement that is true about them.Then elicit the nitro rules for forming positive and negative structures with used to: Positive: subject used to infinitive (rest) I used to be (messy.) Negative: subject didn t use to infinitive (rest) I didn t use to collect.As with the other levels of Interchange Third Edition, a complete set of ancillaries is available to make classes productive, varied, and fun.4 listening Learning objectives: book learn nitro about immigrants difficulties; develop skills in listening for detail CD 1, Track 3 s a topic warm-up, ask Ss questions about immigrants (e.g., re there many immigrants where you live?Skip to main content, academia.In elementary school, I used to like homework.What do you think about chat rooms?Play the audio program again.Have Ss use famous people to play the game.Find out which changes are most common in your Ss lives. In 1992 in no relatives in the.S.

She was interchange third edition teacher book 3 pdf born in Hawaii.
Sk ten Ss to come to the front of the class and give each S a card.