Use the desktop dialog box's controls desktop to documents move to the application desktop you want to select, select it, and documents click Add.
View Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files in their native format (DOC, XLS, or PPT).
Create or edit a Word document desktop or Excel spreadsheet on your device and save it in their native format.
Determining the Application That Opens When You Open a Document.The Info window will appear.Each documents pane of the window shows a different level of hierarchy.Insert the Palm TX CD-ROM into your Mac.Simply select an item to open.The Open With command will become the Always Open With command.The upper section of the menu lists Carbon and Cocoa applications, whereas the lower section lists Classic applications.There are two ways to associate document types with the applications used to open them.After you click Add, you will return to the Info window and the application you selected will appear in the window.When documents you do so, the file's icon might change to reflect that extension, and the document will open with the application that extension is associated with.The Open dialog box might contain application-specific controls.Hold down the Control key and click to open the contextual menu.A warning dialog box will appear (see Figure.20). DataViz had sold the program along with other business assets.

This version includes support for desktop Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, a PDF viewer and enables users to decompress zip files.If documents you want the file documents to always be opened with a different application, even if you don't make any changes to it, open the contextual menu and then press the Option key.Note Note that setting an application for all files with a specific type and creator combination does not override any documents for which you have set a specific application.Tap any document to open.New, fixed some bugs.Note, many dialog boxes, although not called Open, are actually the Open dialog box with the name modified to suit the specific purpose at hand.Microsoft Windows and, mac.Visit m for further help with the desktop companion or the Documents application.Selecting an item in one pane causes the pane to its right to display the contents of the selected item.If one of the listed applications is the one you want to associate with the document, choose it on desktop the menu.Everything you need to do this is contained on the CD-ROM that shipped with your Palm TX handheld organizer.PDF, JPG desktop and BMP viewer, and Excel Chart compatibility.The current version.For example, suppose that you set the application to use for a specific document.This is a third-party product from DataViz. If you choose an application that Mac OS X isn't sure can open files of the selected type, you will see a warning saying so in the dialog box after you select the application.

Note, if you see the document's icon on the Dock, an alias to documents to go desktop mac os x that document has been placed there.
If you want to use an application that is not on the list, choose Other and use the Choose Other Application dialog box to move to and select the application you want to use.
If it is a folder, that folder will become selected and you will see its contents in the pane to the right of the folder.