Derek tells Stiles about his dream and men who came to see him looking for the episodes she-wolf and that they'll never find Cora.
Stiles is with Kira and her parents and they try to come up with a divine move.
Evil Stiles cracks up like plaster and fades away.They are in Bardo.Aiden dies heroically with his brother episodes at his side.Isaac tells Argent episodes Melissa was saying to tell her father and they talk about the silver arrowhead.Derek is cauterizing Ethan's wounds with a lighter.Isaac says he season doesn't.Danny breaks up with Ethan after Ethan says he doesn't think he can stay.Deaton knows because episodes he made.Evil Stiles refuses to be stopped.Everyone who has been stabbed by the Oni is poisoned.Stilinksi wants to keep the story quiet for as long as he can.If you like TVLine, you'll love our weekly newsletter.Stiles tells them to stop fighting that it's an illusion. Argent helps Scott come up with a story to tell the authorities about Allison's death season so that he's in the clear.
Scott bites episodes Evil Stiles because you can't be a fox and a wolf and Kira impales him.

Everyone who was poisoned is better.As they reach the episodes Nogitsune, he feet moves away and episodes the foursome are in the school.The episodes elevator door open and the Oni are there.Isaac realizes that Allison figured out how to kill episodes season the Oni - the silver has to stay inside the body and then it will kill them.There are four left. In the courtyard, the original Nogitsune tells the gang he promised Stiles they would kill all of them.
Argent made five silver arrowheads.