2012 yamaha phazer rtx review

View Full Spec, the statistics say the truly high-revving half-liter twin, which turns more revs than the R1 motorcycle derived Apex four-cylinder, phazer makes about 80 horsepower in its current Phazer set.
Yamaha Genesis 80FI; 499cc, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, phazer liquid-cooled; 43mm Keihin throttle body electronically yamaha controlled fuel injection; requires Premium unleaded fuel.This will give you some phazer interaction with the sled to convince you that review you are in charge.It feels like less, as yamaha the engine needs to be throttle-spanked to get the sled to perform as you want.Good enough to get you a stout ticket on Wisconsin trails.But, in a sled chassis, it seems over-matched review in even this lightest weight Yamaha platform.That should trump our objections on everything else.But let off the throttle for a series of turns that require on- and off-throttle running and you will come away frustrated.The latest Phazer RTX model continues with the lightweight frame and low placement of the lightweight fuel-injected twin as when it first came out.Brake, dual piston hydraulic with ventilated disc.All the while maintaining a little sawing action on the handlebar to induce roll and shifting body weight to be ready to counter. Give them some success there.

To push the sled, hayt even with the niftiest of shock packages for a dead sled in this price range, to that extreme seems like too wall much effort for too little return on the fun factor.2012 Yamaha Phazer RTX episode Specs, engine.And then you have to hope the rear doesnt hit a bump and get too unglued to spin out on you.With its engine slipped behind the ski centerline and aggressive front A-arm suspension, the RTX sits tall for its size.Story by wall Jerry Bassett Photos by Yamaha Sep.The lumion sled is only slightly more evolved over the past few years than in the original design season.Fast Facts, engine Type: Parallel Twin, cylinders:. We episode can appreciate the engineering in this sled, as the engine is a marvel of Yamaha design.
Of course, we never truly pushed it for long periods.